Contact for Engineering Services manufacturing design and development in Colmenar Viejo

In AWEN ENGINEERING SERVICES, S.L we are dedicated to providing services for the Military and Aerospace Engineering sector from Colmenar Viejo.


Main services:

  • Design, manufacture and development for the Aeronautical Industry
  • Electrical equipment for ground support.
  • Design, manufacture and support of printed circuits
  • Design and manufacture of vacuum test
  • and more.


If you still do not know all our services and products, stop by to see which are the ones that best suit your project.


If you already know them or have any questions, contact us and a qualified professional from our team will be in charge of advising you and offering you a budget for your project without any commitment.


For this you can write to [mail] or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Calle Oro, 45, Nave 4

Colmenar Viejo
28770 Madrid